January 1, 2016

New Year, New Resolutions: 5 Fun & Achievable Goals

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Aloha and Happy New Year!

What does the beginning of a new year mean to you? Is it just another day? Is it the start of a fresh journey or an exciting path? Maybe it’s simply a continuation along the same road you’ve been on? Whatever the start of 2016 means to you, I challenge you to set goals. Not because it’s January 1st or the beginning of 2016, but because you deserve it. You deserve to experience accomplishment and achievement, and more importantly, self-love.

5 Fun & Achievable Goals

(…that have nothing to do with losing weight or saving money)

I constantly set goals. They might be as small as writing next week’s meal plan, or as big as starting a new business and launching a blog. Goals keep me going. They give me purpose and a sense of direction. They allow me to begin each day with intention. Make sure to only set as many as you have time to focus on. Understand that not every goal is a priority, so ask yourself which one is most important, which one will require the most work, and which one might be better left on hold.

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If you aren’t a fan of traditional New Year’s Resolutions, here are a few goals that are totally achievable, and fun, too!


1. Learn How to Cook. It’s true what they say – anyone can cook. I used to hate cooking, but I am so thankful that I found my way around the kitchen, discovered my own style, and found a passion that I didn’t know existed. It’s just an added bonus that I save money and stay healthy, too! If you need a kick start and some healthy recipe ideas, check out our new Dollar a Day Meal Plan program.


2. Start a Gratitude List. I wanted to say, “quit the negativity,” but that’s much easier said than done. Instead, if we start each day with grateful hearts and reflect on what we are truly thankful for, then the little things won’t seem so bad. When you’re having a tough day, pull that gratitude list out. It’ll be a great reminder of all the good in your life.


3. Find a Hobby & Enjoy It. Whether it’s yoga, DIY crafts, blogging, riding your bike, learning photography… the world is your oyster! Find your passion and light it on fire. Try to find an outlet for your creativity–something that challenges you, but is still enjoyable. Watching TV and shopping doesn’t count 😉 Bonus points if your hobby involves physical activity!


4. Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to see things as they really are, without the cloud of feelings, prejudice, or even mood. Practice being in the moment, being aware of your body and emotions, and eliminating distractions. The ability to be more mindful can help reduce stress, improve your mood, and even rid pain or depression.[1] I personally try to apply this to my eating habits; I eat only until I am full ,and I listen to my hunger and respond to it, rather than trying to ward it off. It’s one of my 7 guiding principles for living a healthier, happier life.


5. Develop a Relationship with a Mentor. Anyone who has ever achieved a significant goal has had a support system. As strong as we all are, we are that much stronger with the help of a friend. Whether you find a mentor at work or in your personal life, be sure to foster a genuine and authentic relationship with them. Take their advice, their successes and failures, and apply them to your own personal goals. Reciprocate the relationship and figure out how your skill set can help them, as well.


Remember, sky is the limit! I am so excited to hear what your goals are this year, and would love updates on your progress. Cheers to a Happy New Year!

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[1] Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Practice-Mindfulness-(Buddhism)
Images by Sara Ursua Photography.
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