February 4, 2016

Touchdown Dance Your Way to a Healthy Game Day

healthy game day

It’s that time of year again — Football and Beyoncé fans come together and rejoice! Super Bowl 50 is here to provide you a Sunday full of football, friends and (you guessed it!) food! One of the hardest things about a new healthy lifestyle is sticking to your goals while being a social butterfly. I’ve heard everything from don’t go, eat before you go to heck yes cheat day! These might seem like great game day decisions until the next day when you’re regretting your overindulgence. It feels like you’re starting your healthy journey all over again. To keep your healthy game day going strong, I’m here to provide you with some delicious recipes to bring along with you and tips to keep you on track with the new healthy you!

Start Your Day Out on Top!

The weekends are my favorite time of the week. Not only do I get to spend more time with my handsome hubby and our fur babies, but I feel like I can dedicate a little more time to get in a great workout at the start of my day. Today’s your lucky day because my Avocado Toast will leave you energized and full all morning! Starting my day strong with a heart pumping workout and hearty breakfast makes me more motivated to stick to my goals throughout the day!


BYOS: Bring Your Own Snacks

Raise your hand if you hate free food… exactly, no hands in the air. Everyone loves when other people provide food options at a party, so be the one to provide the healthy treat! I guarantee you people are secretly wishing for more guilt free options than your typical veggie tray, everyone fights for those carrots! As someone with food sensitivities I find it easiest to make a meal I’ll share with the group and pack some just for me snacks. My Southwestern Garbanzo Bean Vegetarian Salad is a great way to treat the whole team to something both nutrient rich and filling. Hello, healthy game day!

Southwestern Garbanzo Bean Vegetarian Salad

Check out our Healthy Game Day Recipe Round-Up on Pinterest.

Ignore the Haters

Even in your group of closest friends, one person will always feel the need to let you know that one slice of pizza or one cupcake won’t kill you. We already knew that! But they’re completely right; it’s not going to kill you! A friend of mine calls this the gateway treat… one slice of pizza leads to a second, a couple beers and a cupcake. If you can have one treat and bounce back to eating quality and nutritious foods the rest of the day, more power to you. Be honest with yourself!

Most Importantly — Enjoy You!

The point of a healthy lifestyle is just that, it’s a life choice not a day choice. It should never seem like you’re choosing between your friends and happiness or vegetables and food sensitivities. I try to make everything a balance and you should too! Enjoy the day with your friends and family, first and foremost. If you eat your delicious salad, snack on some yummy protein and feel like you really need a cookie to top the day off… get yourself that cookie!

I hope you have an amazing Super Bowl weekend. Be sure to like and comment below with some of your favorite tips or yummy recipes you tried! And don’t forget to subscribe to Pretty Pretty Pineapple’s emails to get a few more recipe inspirations to wipe out the competition and have a healthy game day!