February 18, 2016

Through Her Eyes: Why Having a Supportive Partner is Good For Your Health

Through Her Eyes

Being a Supportive Partner 101

It seems that one of the biggest things my clients and friends struggle with is finding the right balance between their health & fitness goals and their personal relationships. Sometimes their goals don’t align with those of their partner, and they find themselves having to choose between the two. This shouldn’t have to be the case!

Being a supportive partner doesn’t mean having the same goals. It doesn’t even mean understanding your partner’s goals. What it does mean is understanding why those goals are important to your partner.

Take weight loss for example. You probably think that your partner looks fine the way he is. You convince him that he doesn’t need to diet, and unknowingly sabotage his new meal plan by continuing to buy unhealthy snacks and eating out at fast food restaurants. You give him a hard time when he works out and tell him that he’s choosing the gym over you. You resent his new goal. But here are the things that you may be neglecting to understand…

  • Your partner is happier and less irritable when he works out.
  • He’s eating better, so he has more energy, too.
  • He is seeing results, and therefore, he is more confident.
  • When he’s happier, he comes home in a great mood.
  • When he’s confident, he steps up to the plate and takes more ownership.
  • When he’s in a great mood, he treats you like the Queen of the household. Those dishes? Yep, he’ll help you out, no problem!

Now reverse the roles. If you have a health and fitness goal that your partner just doesn’t understand, try explaining WHY it is important to you. Explain how your partner will benefit if you achieve your goal. Work together to balance the time you spend pursuing your goal with the time you spend strengthening your relationship. I have no doubt they will support you!

Support + Balance = A Healthy Relationship, and a Healthier YOU!

Through Her Eyes

For Valentine’s Day, my husband, Tysson, was featured on Pretty Pretty Pineapple, giving us the view Through His Eyes. He has been such an incredible and supportive partner through all of my endeavors, and has taught me a lesson or two about balance.

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