April 2, 2016

How to Stay Healthy When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

Do you ever feel like you’re in a funk? Like no motivation, low energy, massive cravings for wine and cheese funky?

Today I want to share a secret with you. I’ve been there!

Sometimes I really don’t want to cook. And most of the time, I dread working out. And people just roll their eyes at me, like, “Oh silly Raquel, you don’t need to work out.” (Not true.)

And I’m here to say, we all go through funks. And it’s ok, because we are human.

What’s important is that you find your way out of that funk. Crawl out of that dark hole, give yourself a big hug, and remind yourself that you are perfectly imperfect. 

Remind yourself that when you stay active and fill your body with nutrient-dense foods, you are a happier, healthier, more energetic version of yourself. Working out should never be a punishment. It should be a reward. Cooking should never be a chore. It should be an art.

When you take care of your mind and body, you are a better friend, a better spouse, a better parent, a better coworker, and a better you.

My job? To make it as easy as possible. Today I’m sharing 4 easy ways to stay healthy when you’re feeling unmotivated.

How to stay healthy when you’re feeling unmotivated.

healthy habits

1. Switch up your exercise routine.

I know, it can get really boring doing the same thing all the time. We all need a change of scenery. So why not mix things up a bit? Try these HIIT cardio workouts, or sign up for a yoga or pilates class at your gym. Don’t have a gym membership? Check out Groupon for local deals, or ask the gym manager for a FREE trial pass to check it out.

If the gym isn’t your cup of tea, ask a friend to go on a walk with you. Or better yet, rent bikes and take a ride in the park. The key is to make it enjoyable and fun!

2. Don’t drink your calories.

Instead, focus on drinking more water. Flush out the toxins, help your stomach feel more full, and keep your skin clear by shooting for at least half of your body weight in ounces.

The biggest mistake you can make is leading yourself down a never-ending spiral. Drinking in excess, especially cocktails, wine, and beer (and even soda) can slow down your metabolism and reduce your energy. This inhibits your ability to stay active and further enhances your lack of motivation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good glass of wine. But if you depend on wine and use it to replace nutrient-dense foods and activity, you are only doing yourself a disservice. You are utilizing a short-term “feel good” fix rather than developing healthy habits for a long-term solution.

3. Do something for your mind.

There are two ways I do this. One, I disconnect. Whether that means turning off your phone or leaving it in the other room, make a conscience effort to disconnect from social media and work emails and just be.

The second thing I do is cook. For you, this can be anything under the sun; from reading to solving crossword puzzles, the key is to find a hobby that engages your mind, but doesn’t cause stress. I turn on Pandora, diffuse my essential oils, and completely zone out.

4. Avoid sugar and processed foods.

This might go without saying, but nonetheless, it had to be included. The thing about sugar and processed foods? They’re empty! And when you’re feeling empty, the last thing you want to do is dump empty calories into your body. Sugary, processed foods are not only high in calories, but they lack nutrients and vitamins that your body needs in order to start feeling happier and more energetic.

The best thing you can do to stop the cycle of “blah” is eat fresh, organic foods. Check out your local farmer’s market or produce section. Find something new, play with ingredients, and have some fun. All of my recipes are super easy, and most of them can be made in under 30 minutes.

I post a lot of simple dishes on Instagram, as well as meal prep ideas, if you need additional motivation.


At the end of the day, remember that we are all human. We are all perfectly imperfect. Give yourself a pat on the back and remember that tomorrow is a new day.