November 30, 2016

Our Baby Boy Has Arrived.

Our sweet boy entered this world 3 weeks earlier than we anticipated. And in 3 short days, he has stolen our hearts.

When we found out we were pregnant in April, we were anticipating a Christmas baby. How fitting! Our little bundle of joy would make the perfect gift.

But he was much too anxious to meet us. And instead, he decided that he would be a Thanksgiving baby.

Momma went into labor at exactly 37 weeks. My water broke at 4 AM and I was lucky enough to welcome our son into the world by 10 AM.


Our first three nights have been full of snuggles and kisses, learning how to nurse, figuring out how to maneuver a diaper onto a squirming infant, discovering what it means to be truly sleep-deprived, and my favorite of all… staring into those beautiful eyes.


Bella Baby Photography captured these shots right before we left the hospital and headed home. Baby is healthy and so is mom.

In just one day, our whole words were changed. And I know with every day that passes, they will continue to change for the better.







We love you, Myree Jerome.


Mom & Dad

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  1. DaLyn says:

    He is PERFECT Raquel! Congrats — beautiful family.