About Pretty Pretty Pineapple


So what’s a “pretty pretty pineapple” you may be wondering?

As a proud Hawaiian I feel compelled to pay homage to the fruit, which in my culture is a symbol of friendship, hospitality and happiness. Pretty Pretty Pineapple is my little way of sharing the spirit of Aloha with all of you. (Plus, the fruit is so darn tasty!)

I want you to know this site was built for you, not me. It is my mission, my calling if you will, to help others discover balance in all aspects of their life. When our bodies, minds and relationships are at their best, this is when we can move mountains.

As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist I’ve got the background and tools to take you where you want to go… and beyond.

With that said, I warmly welcome you to explore Pretty Pretty Pineapple. It is my goal to help you acquire all the knowledge necessary to achieve your healthiest, happiest life possible. So let’s do this!

We believe in 7 basic principles for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Follow us as you embark on your journey toward a healthier you! We promise to cheer you on along the way!