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July 8, 2017

7 Salads That Don’t Suck

  Today I’m challenging the notion that salads must be low-calorie, boring, and full of lettuce. Aka salads that suck. Here are 7 awesome salads that don’t suck. 7 easy ways to eat a fresh and fabulous meal, without wondering, “Ok, that was good, but what’s for dinner?” All of these salads are packed with nourishing […]... Read More


March 15, 2017

Hawaiian Poke Bowl with Veetee Rice

The New Trend: Poke Bowls Is it just me, or are poke bowl restaurants all the new rave? Made popular in Southern California, this fast-food sushi trend is finally hitting Las Vegas. There is literally a poke bowl shop on every single street corner! I’ve always loved a good Hawaiian poke bowl, but now that they’re […]... Read More


  1. Cath says:

    These look marvelous but hubby is very allergic to fish. Wondering if I can skip or substitute the fish. Also there’s the gluten free thing to worry about. What can I sub for Panko? Thanks for all your yummy ideas. Fresh ideas make cooking 3 meals a day survivable.

February 20, 2017

Filet Mignon DIY Sushi Rolls

Do It Yourself! Why spend money on expensive sushi when you can make it yourself? My husband and I had so much fun making these DIY sushi rolls for date night! They are the perfect compromise for couples who are one-part meat eater and one-part sushi lover like us. We love PRE® Brands Meat for […]... Read More


February 17, 2017

Honey-Lime Chicken Pineapple Boats

Easy and Packed with Flavor! As a brand new momma, I’m super pressed for time. So my dinner recipes need to be easy-peasy, or they aren’t happening. What I love about this dish is that it looks like it popped out of a 5-star Hawaiian restaurant, but even the most amateur chef can create it! As long […]... Read More


November 22, 2016

Fall Pizza with Arugula and Persimmon

Yay for Fall Flavors! It’s almost Thanksgiving, and I’m loving all of the fall flavors. I thought, why not combine them and come up with a delicious Fall Pizza? I’m talking persimmon (which is a crisp, sweet fruit much like an apple), maple-glazed almonds and pepitas, and dried cranberries! The best thing about this recipe is […]... Read More


November 21, 2016

Easy Quinoa Pizza Dough

Why Quinoa Pizza Dough? I usually avoid making homemade pizza dough. Admittedly, it’s just so darn easy to find a pre-made version in the grocery store. That being said, I love to cook and I really enjoy experimenting with different ingredients. And this gluten-free quinoa pizza dough was not only easy, but unique, and totally […]... Read More


September 16, 2016

Better Bean Taquitos

For the Love of Beans! Ok truth be told, I love beans. But my body hasn’t always loved them. In fact, most people avoid them. We all know the saying, “Beans Beans, the Magical Fruit, the More You Eat, the More You… (well, you know the rest)!” But Better Beans? They’re different. I was recently introduced […]... Read More


August 14, 2016

Fresh-Mex Shrimp and Corn with Cotija Cheese

Shrimp and Corn with Cotija Cheese, oh my! Alright friends, brace yourself. Because this one is easy. So easy. This Fresh-Mex Dish is not only delicious, but the combination of Shrimp and Corn with Cotija Cheese is sure to be your new favorite. It was the fastest, freshest dinner I’ve made all summer. And it’s straight up fresh-mex […]... Read More


July 30, 2016

Easy Summer Salad with Grilled Vegetables

Summer Salad Vibes 110 degree heat. Blasting the A/C. Carrying around bottled water like it’s your job. These are the signs of summer. And summer calls for something fresh.   Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods and came across a cherry tomato station to hand-pick your own basket. The assortment of yellow, orange, and red […]... Read More


March 3, 2016

Grilled Shrimp and Veggie Zoodles

Fish on Fridays: Grilled Shrimp Zoodles We’ve been on a seafood kick lately! And it totally helps that our grocery store has the best selection of fish! First, we made Jalapeño Crab Stuffed Salmon, then we made this killer dish with Grilled Shrimp, Veggies, and Pinenuts, all on top of a warm bed of fresh Pesto […]... Read More


March 2, 2016

Jalapeño Crab Stuffed Salmon

Stuffed Salmon … “packed” with flavor and protein! I am so excited about this recipe! Almost as excited as I am about finally having a grocery store within a 10-mile radius. Yes, don’t even get me started… it was torture while ours was closed down. If you have read my blog posts before, you know that […]... Read More


February 18, 2016

Slow Cooker Chicken Cilantro Lime Soup

Chicken + Cilantro + Lime = The Best Combo Ever! Alright cold and flu season, we’re coming for you! This Chicken Cilantro Lime Soup is the best combination of fresh ingredients that are both nutritious and comforting. It’s super easy to make, too! The recipe calls for a slow cooker, so you literally just set it and forget […]... Read More


February 9, 2016

Gluten Free Game Day Wings

Game Day Wings = Impossible to Find First off, can I just say that wings are near impossible to find the day before the Super Bowl? (Disclaimer: I don’t recommend grocery shopping last minute like I did, but whoops, I was in NYC all week and my hubby decided to throw a last minute party.) Whew! Thank […]... Read More


January 3, 2016

Healthy Potato Skins with Avocado Pesto Spread

Healthy Potato Skins: The Substitution Method I am so excited about these healthy potato skins! Someone asked me the other day if cutting out bad foods all at once would put their body into shock? The short answer is no. The long answer is… Cutting foods out of your diet cold-turkey isn’t the most sustainable approach. A lot […]... Read More


December 1, 2015

Gluten Free Hawaiian Harvest Pizza

So I think I’m having a love affair with gluten-free pizza. I probably eat it like one to two times a week. That’s totally normal, right?! This fall version was definitely hubby’s favorite! And I promise it’s super easy to make. You can find pre-made gluten-free pizza crust in the frozen food section of almost any grocery store. I […]... Read More


November 26, 2015

Our Healthy Thanksgiving

This year is special because we are celebrating our first holiday season as a married couple. My parents hosted Thanksgiving dinner and Tysson’s family joined. We all contributed to the feast, so of course I had to bring some healthy (and some indulgent) dishes to promote the Pretty Pretty Pineapple way! Throughout all of the cooking, I learned an […]... Read More