Meet Raquel


I’m Raquel, a healthy lifestyle blogger, smoothie bowl enthusiast, and founder of Pretty Pretty Pineapple. I live in Las Vegas with my husband, Tysson, and our sweet baby boy, Myree.

Pretty Pretty Pineapple was created for you. Like so many of you, I struggled to find balance. I fell victim to extreme dieting and programs that offered short-term results which led to the “yo-yo effect.”

By focusing on finding an 80/20 balance and ditching the diet, I finally found food freedom. People started taking notice of my new and improved attitude toward food. Asking me what I was eating and how I was able to scarf down a cupcake without hesitation and feeling any guilt.

This is what I want for you! I’ll encourage you to focus on building healthier habits, rather than testing your self-control. I’ll introduce you to new foods and easy recipes! Balance, balance, balance! That’s the secret to sustainable weight loss, and it is so much better than flat-out restriction. Believe me, I’ve tried that (and it sucks)!

And don’t you worry, we’ll become best friends along the way!

Not only will I share my favorite recipes and fitness tips, but I’ll tell you about myself, too. And I hope you do the same!

I’ll share my wellness journey, my hopes, my dreams, my successes, my struggles, some of my favorite brands, and products that I know you’ll love! I can’t wait to get to know you!


If you are interested in reading my longer bio (including the good, the bad, and the ugly), you can find that here. I am excited to be a part of your journey toward self-love and wellness!